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Layer Cake
Little Man
The Da Vinci Code

The Legend of Zorro
Saw 2

Kill Bill Vol: 1

Kill Bill Vol:2
X-Men 3
Tokyo Drift

Shadow Boxer
The Pink Panther
King Kong
Lucky Number Slevin

Inside Man
Running Scared

She's The Man
The Sentinel
Take The Lead

Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Superman Returns
Miami Vice
Finding Nemo
The Break Up



* All details must be filled out otherwise we will immediately discard the request Once your request has been made you will receive a response to the address given by you. This will notify you on, whether the items are still available, the total cost and a personalised reference number along with a date of pick-up. This number is provided to ensure the reservation of your request. Each item may be inspected before purchase (you may even try it on the rental store's dvd player / games console) however there are no refunds on returned items after purchase .